Monday, May 16, 2005

Debut of the Black Storm Epic Army Tonight!

My first game of Epic since Andrew cruelly abandoned me goes down tonight at St Laurent against Adam. I thoroughly expect to get hammered but since its my first game with a new army I don't mind. Learning experience and all that.

When Andrew and I used to play Epic when the rules were under development, he had a chaos army and I had an Eldar army. He left the hobby and I decided to sell my Eldar as Epic was pretty much a dead system in Ottawa and I didn't feel I had time for it. BFG and 40K took all my free time.

The new guy at the time, Adam, bought my Eldar from me and I expanded my BFG collection. However he turned the Epic scene on its head and got people excited about the system and coming out to play. And they were loving it and having a blast (without me!!). I couldn't resist the siren call and decided to complete the trifecta of my Black Storm and get an Epic Chaos army.

I asked Andrew if he still had his Chaos Epic miniatures and lo and behold, he still did. I bought my core force from him and got it ready for action with some additions from Forge World.

Tonight I am using Andrew's old Chaos army to face off against my old Eldar army. How fitting.

Do I regret selling my Eldar in the first place? Not really. Chaos Marines have become my primary army now, my 40K Eldar are merely a footnote to be used once in a while for interest. I like have my Black Storm Marines in three systems, BFG, Epic, and 40K. It will make for some excellent campaign and fluff games.

Expect a battle report tomorrow!

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