Monday, April 18, 2005

Planning For the Endgame

Dalton and I are planning a big 40K slugfest for the climax of our campaign against each other for Orrus IV. Basically the idea is that two armies of 2000 pts each start on the board and each of us has an army of 1000 pts in reserve ready to come in.

I had an idea where my Lost and the DOOMED army would be the starting force, and I would have Chaos Marines be the second backup force. Then I went crazy and thought I would have this for my second 1000 pt force:

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour
10 Man retinue in Terminator Armour
2 Squads of Daemon Packs
2 Squads of Daemonic Beasts

Basically a teleporting Daemon bomb. The problem is, I don't have Daemon Packs available to me as a user of exclusive chaos undivided. I toyed with the idea of taking other daemons and simply calling them daemons of Quintara but the price for a box of ten daemons runs $55+taxes and that is unaffordable right now. So back to the drawing board.

I think I will still go with the terminators (maybe not all 11 of them) but still toying with the troops ideas, seeing what I can come up with.


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