Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More Thoughts On Today's Battle

I did more thinking about today's tilt with Dalton. Our fleets are so similar that basically their are only three variables outstanding:

1) Who's the better admiral?

While I have more experience, my training of Dalton in the game has brought him up to the point where any advantage I once had is reduced to almost nothing. Will my previous large fleet actions help me get the edge on him? Or will they hinder me as I make decisions based on how previous games went?

2) Who's go the better luck?

In small games, luck plays some part (especially in all important critical rolls) but in the larger games the averages should balance out. That being said, the game I played against Al I won a resounding victory because his 4 nova cannons scattered off target 12 times in a row. So it is possible that luck could play a role in determining the winner.

3) What's better: 12 launch bays or 15 torpedo tubes?

This is the big question. Can I use my attack craft to effectively neutralize his torpedo salvos while still delivering damage, or will his salvos break my defenses and give him the upper hand? My belief is that my attack craft are going to break his fleet long before his torpedoes cause issues, but Dalton is nothing if not a crafty foe. He may realize something I do not and it scares me.

This evening, we'll know the answers.

I'm bringing a black mat and a camera, so expect a full battle report later this week. The penultimate battle for Orrus IV looms!

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