Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Need a Secretary

Arranging games is a tough business. Last minute cancellations, finding a suitable location, making sure you finish on time, it all leads to a certain amount of stress. My schedule for games over the past couple weeks and next two weeks keeps changing on me due to real-life events and opponents. Right now its shaping up like this:

Tomorrow: unknown. I have the time free and originally a game booked with Chris. (Actually, the game was booked for last week but I had to cancel due to a relative passing away.) He cancelled so I went to other people waiting for games and at the top of the list was Al. He's busy, so I'm trying Dalton, and failing that I'll see if Andrew is free for a game of Axis and Allies. If I strike out on those guys, I'll go public and hope someone can step up. Yeesh!

Thursday: lunchtime game of BFG versus Dalton.

Next Tuesday: I have a game against Al and Corey. Well, I thought I had a game against Al but I just realized he thought it was today and not next week! Hope he realizes his mistake or gets my message in time. Poor guy. The game against Corey is a reschedule of the game we were supposed to have last week that I had to cancel (again, the wake).

Assuming I manage to get through this week and next, I have one more game scheduled for April 13th against Dalton. Another BFG game, this time larger points value.

Speaking of BFG, the Thursday game is pegged at 750 pts per side and I must admit a large degree of relief. In smaller games I always feel under-equipped in BFG, like I need more vessels to operate properly. At 750 pts I can take the ships I like and not feel like I left a gaping hole in my selection. On Thursday I plan to field:

Caligo Eternus - Archeron Heavy Cruiser
Elucius Rex - Devastation Carrier Cruiser
Capricorn Retaliation with the 8th Company of Marines - Slaughter Cruiser
Cosmic Fire - Slaughter Cruiser

That comes to 745 pts and has the firepower, lances, and attack craft I feel necessary. Since Dalton is fielding Chaos Marines as well, I'm interested to see what he brings out to the party. I suspect he'll show up with two Slaughters and a Devastation, as well as an Escort squadron. But we'll see. Its hard for fleets from the same list to differ too much at lower points values, and I'm really looking forward to our first 1500-2500 pts games. Truly epic clashes in the silence of space they will be.

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