Thursday, February 24, 2005

Veteran Sergants and Las-Plas Combos

I've been having discussions with Dalton (aka DMan) about certain aspects of army lists that lend itself to abuse more than others. Part of that discussion involves the use of veteran sergants in squads, also known as aspiring champions, Exarchs, etc. Squad leader upgrades that are most prevalent in Space Marine and Chaos Marine armies.

The basic premise is that squad leader upgrades are very common in lists today but in reality should be rare. And when these squad leaders are taken the usual weapon on choice almost always is the power fist due to its effectiveness against enemy troopers, characters, and vehicles.

I admit I am guilty in my chaos armies of almost always taking aspiring champion upgrades. I like the tactical flexibility the upgrade gives my squads, the ability to take power weapons and power fists to deal with those targets that regular troopers struggle against. I feel I have some measure of defense in all this though, and that is because I use exclusive undivided chaos without resorting to the mini-dexes of Night Lords, Alpha Legion, or Iron Warriors. In effect I deny myself cult marines and all daemons except furies in exchange for nothing. I would hope people would allow me some latitdude on my preference for aspiring champions.

On a similar note, my two most commonly fielded tactical squads make use of the lascannon heavy weapon and plasmagun special weapon. Lately it has been noted that the "las-plas" combo is the most effective for marine squads and has become ubiquitous across the board. Well, let me tell you that back when I was experimenting with weapons for my squads I settled on a lascannon and plasma gun as the combo that worked for me. A lot of other marine players said "oh, don't do that! Your bolters and lascannon fire at different targets, you'll always waste one of them. Use missile launchers or heavy bolters." I responded by saying that I liked the tactical flexibility and I prefered the high strength of the lascannon cause when I shoot at a hard target I want the best shot possible. That was years ago. Now its seen by the majority as the best combination and my selection looks like powergaming. Yeesh.

Anyways, not one to disrespect the common good I've added a third tactical squad I intend to use often that has a missile launcher instead of a lascannon. And I've got some ideas for introducing some other mixes in the special weapons department. I'll keep you all posted. ;)


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