Monday, February 21, 2005

Small Amount of Gloating

On Feb 11, 2005 I earned a rare win with my Marines over Corey and his Eldar. This was my favourite picture from that battle:
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In it you can see the destroyed Wave Serpent partially obscured by the Helltalon flyer, a destroyed Falcon right underneath it, a dead vyper, and the remanants of the Striking Scorpions arriving at close combat far too late. In the top right you can see my marines advancing on the objective.

Great game, but the severity of the victory was all due to the powerful flyer. Too powerful for pickup games, its going to have to be a special treat for grudge matches and megabattles.


  1. You, Bill Dullemond, are a bad man. You and your little paper airplane.

  2. What's funny about this pic is that I recognize the pose I'm in, even the small amount you can see from there. It's the "I'm just going to stand here and stare in disbelief at my completely hopeless situation as I choke back my tears".

    It's not so bad, mind you. When I need to pick myself up, I just look at this. Then the pain goes away. For me, anyhow. ;)

  3. Yeah yeah funny boy. ;)

  4. Ooooh - one of my old raider hiding hills. I feel all warm & fuzzy!